European Young Chef Award 2016


Welcome to the FAQ page of the European Young Chef Award. We hope this page will assist in answering some questions or doubts that you may have.

Questions regarding the competition:

  1. What requirements do the Young Chefs need to have? Finalists need to be aged 18-26 and full-time or graduates of a culinary school (within 1 year of the European competition). Proof of enrolment/graduation is required in the application. Finalists from an awarded or candidate Region of Gastronomy have priority if there are limited places available in the final competition.
  2. Does the cost of the registration cover accommodation and meals for two people during the competition? Yes, the registration payment includes the accommodation and the meals of the finalist and their accompanying person for the 2 days (3 nights) of the competition.
  3. Will airport transfer be arranged for the Young Chefs? Yes, the hosting destination will coordinate airport transfer from the airport to the hosting institution once the participants submit their flight information.
  4. Can a region send two Young Chefs to compete in the same competition? There may only be one chef per region competing.
  5. Who should the accompanying person be? We recommend that the Young Chef is accompanied by a PR, Marketing, Social Media professional that can ensure good coverage through social media in their home region. The accompanying person is not allowed assist the Young Chef in the kitchen but is allowed to assist the Young Chef in the presentation.
  6. How many chef jackets should the Young Chef bring to the competition? The Young Chefs should bring two sets of uniform (kitchen jacket, trousers and hat). One for the first day and a 2nd set which may include sponsor logos for the competition day. Finalists will be given a GMIT apron for use in the kitchens so as to ensure clean jackets during the presentation. 
  7. How much time do the Young Chefs have to explain their dish? The Young Chefs will have a total of 3 minutes to present their dishes.
  8. How many traditional dishes will be made on day one of the competition? The Young Chefs will be asked to prepare two plates of the traditional dish.
  9. How many innovative dishes will be made on day two of the competition? The Young Chefs will be asked to prepare four plates of the innovative dish.
  10. Can other people stay in the same hotel as the Young Chef and accompanying person? Yes, the hosting institution will provide hotel information for those delegates that wish to stay in the same hotel. It will be the responsibility of each extra delegate to book and cover costs of their accommodation.

Questions regarding the registration form:

  1. Do I need to list the quantities of the ingredients in the registration form? Yes, you must list the quantities of the ingredients in both the traditional and innovative dishes.
  2. Do I have to send professional photos together with my registration form? Yes, you must send a professional picture of the young chef participant, of the traditional dish and of the innovative dish.
  3. Do I need to identify the names of the traditional dish and innovative dish? Yes, you must choose names or at least a brief description of each dish. These will be used in the presentation during the competition.
  4. Does the video have to be in English? The video must be in English or include English subtitles.
  5. The video is out of our budget, what should we do? We recommend that you try to find recent, high quality videos that already exist. In this way you should be able to edit together a suitable video representing your region and Young Chef.
  6. Who is the ‘Sponsoring Institution’ on the registration form? The Sponsoring Institution is the organisation who will be invoiced for the registration fee.
  7. Do I need to provide a costing sheet? Yes, a costing sheet must be provided as verification that your dish does not exceed 4€ per plate.

Questions regarding ingredients, kitchenware and cooking:

  1. Do I have any chance to prepare any aspect of my recipe beforehand?  The only pre-competition preparation that is permitted is fermentation, curing, marinating or dehydration. Partially cooked food is not permitted.
  2. What equipment do I have to bring myself? You must bring your knives and are expected to provide your own specialist equipment.
  3. Can I transport fresh ingredients from my originating country? Yes, but you must have the correct documentation that proves the cold chain was followed and not broken. If you are not able to prove the health and safety of the transported ingredients, they are subject to being refused at the competition.
  4. Does the dish need to include only local ingredients or mainly local ingredients? The dishes should include mainly local ingredients.
  5. Should the dishes be full serving size or tapas size? The dishes should be full serving size.
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