Hans Kjellsson

Hans Kjellsson

Aarhus-Central Denmark, Denmark

“My passion is the good workmanship and local produce made with thoughtfulness for humans, nature and not least the flavour” asserts Hans Kjellsson, who represented Aarhus-Central Denmark, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 at the European Young Chef Award 2019.

Hans is a 24-year-old student in Food and Gastronomy at AARHUS TECH vocational education and training institute and is conducting his apprenticeship at restaurant Hærværk in Aarhus.

The attention for seasonal and local food is what drives Hans in his path as an aspiring chef. Always eager to learn how to work with different produce and different techniques throughout the year, he loves to visit farmers, discuss the produce and gather wild herbs.

A participant in the Kokkenes Kokketalent 2019, Hans proved to be the best young chef from Central Denmark Region in the contest, thus earning his place as a finalist in the European Young Chef Award 2019. He affirms that taking part in cooking competitions allows him to challenge himself and continuously improve.

Hans welcomed the opportunity to participate in the European Young Chef Award 2019 where he will get the chance to meet likeminded people who share his passion for gastronomy.