Oliver Sørensen_Aarhus-Central Denmark

Oliver Sørensen

Aarhus-Central Denmark, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017

“Nowadays you can get inspired by anything. Something you saw on social media, a thing you heard from a friend or a colleague, traditions, … Mostly, I get inspired by the beautiful quality of the products I use, where they come from and what stories they bring with them.”

Oliver Sørensen is the young chef who represented Aarhus-Central Denmark, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 at the European Young Chef Award 2022.

17 years old, Oliver has been studying as a chef for 3 years and half, spending 9 months on the cruise ship MS Polarlys, Hurtigruten and 9 months at Alaise restaurant in Oslo. He has always been interested in gastronomy and had the chance to experience food from the different European countries where he lived, such as Austria, Denmark, and Norway.

“My dream is one day to become a head chef at my own restaurant and get it into the Michelin Guide. My father is the one who got me into gastronomy; after all he has been working in the top of hospitality for over 20 years. When I investigated gastronomy, I realised that chefs are the coolest role in this service. So, I really look forward to continuing this line of work.”

Oliver really enjoys entering competitions such as the European Young Chef Award since they bring the younger generation of chefs, the future of gastronomy, together. They bring them experience, inspires them, and pushes them to become better chefs.